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IIT Kharagpur Dictionary

Last updated: 13th September, 2013

11 - n. Ha-Ha (a laugh). Adopted from its shortcut in Age of Empires.

2.2 - n. A 2.2 Kilometres round in central part of IIT-KGP campus. Usu. A run of it.

6dis - n. See Chhedis

Acads - n. Academics.

A.I.R. - abbr., n. All India Rank. See Hawa.

Alankar - n. The annual cultural magazine of Gymkhana, hence of the institute.

A.O.E. - n. The Age of Empire game.

App - v.i. To apply to universities (usually abroad).

Apping - v.i. See App.

Arbit - adj. Arbitrary.

Archi - n. The Architecture Department. Also, the students of it.

Asim's - n. The Nehru Hall canteen.

A. Team -  n. The Action team formed during SF.

Atthi - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 8 and 9.

Aunties - n. A grocery store located just outside IIT campus. Named after the lady running the store.

Azad - n. Azad Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

Baapi - n. An intellectual belonging to the BTDS.

Baddy - n. The sport of Badminton; adj. Related to the sport.

Banda - n. Any boy.

Bandi - n. Any girl.

Bangy - n. Bangalore.

Baski - n. The sport of Basketball; adj. Related to the sport.

Batti - n. The Electrical Engineering Department. Also, the students of it.

B.C. Roy - n. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Former Chief Minister of West Bengal. Many establishments in IIT-KGP including a hospital, a Hall and the central square are named after him.

Bhaat - n. Bekar Chat. A useless talk in a group whose sole purpose is to pass time. Also a regular magazine drafted by first year students trying to copy Junk.

Bhaatu - n. A person who is very talkative. See Bhaat.

Bhajan - n. A euphemism for sexually explicit media files on the LAN.

Bhatnagar - n. The Bhatnagar Auditorium.

Bidhan Chowk - n. See GolC.

Bong - n. Bengali. A Bengali-speaking person.

B.T.D.S. - abbr., n. Bengali Technology Dramatics Society.

Boudis - n.  A restaurant in Prem Bazaar.

Cali - n. Calibre.

Candi - n. Candidate (For elections).

Carlos - n. The R.P. Hall canteen.

C.D. - n. Short-form of Cold Drink. Used for any cold beverage.

C.G. - n. Short-form of C.G.P.A.

C.G.P.A. - abbr., n. Cumulative Grade Point Average. An index of a students performance in academics which reflects performance throughout the studies in IIT-KGP.

Chhagi - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 6 and 7.

Chhedis - n. A dhaba just outside campus.

C.I.C. - abbr., n. The Computers and Informatics Centre. It is situated in Takshashila.

C.L. - abbr., n. Central Library.

C.S. - abbr., n. The Computer Science Department. abbr., n. Counter Strike (First-person shooter game).

Convo - n. Convocation.

D.A.S.A. - abbr., n. Direct Admission of Students Abroad. A special route for N.R.I. sponsored candidates to enter the IITs. Involves less competition than J.E.E. Such students in IITs called DASAites. Use deprecated after the program was scrapped.

Dassi - n. See Dehli.

D.C. - abbr., n. Disciplinary Charge. Due to inappropriate conduct of student. The Committee hence formed (Disciplinary Committee). n. The file sharing software "DC++".

DC++ - n. The Direct Connect network used extensively throughout the campus for file-sharing through LAN.

Dehli - n. A C.G.P.A. of 10.

Dep - n. Department.

DepC - v.t., v.i. To have a Department change under the provisions specified by IIT-KGP. Requires excellent academic performance in first year B. Tech. course.

Despo - n. Desperate.

Dhakkan - n. The person with numerically largest JEE rank being admitted in said department/specialization.

Diro - n. Director of IIT-KGP.

Disco - n. Short for Disciplinary Committee.

D.L. - abbr., n. Dreamland Restaurant.

D.O.A.A. - abbr., n. Dean Of Academic Affairs. Responsible for academics of students. He is the main responsible person in any Research and Development work taken up by the institute.

D.O.S.A. - abbr., n. Dean Of Student Affairs. Responsible for maintaining discipline in students.

D.P. - abbr., n. Durga Puja. The vacation in its duration.

Dude - n. Dual Degree Students.

D.V.C. - abbr., n. Damodar Valley Corporation. The D.V.C. Market.

Eggies - n. The shop adjacent to Vegies Restaurant that serves eggs during night-time.

E.T.D.S. - abbr., n. English Technology Dramatics Society.

E.T.M.S. - abbr., n. Eastern Technology Music Society.

FacAd - n. Faculty Advisor.

Facca - n. An F-grade in any subject, meaning fail.

Faccha - n. A first year male student. Usu. a B. Tech. student.

Facchi - n. A first year female student. Usu. a B. Tech. student.

Fatka - n. Loss.

Fattu - n. Meek. Coward.

Fight - n., v.t., v.i. Difficulty in achieving something.

Footer - n. A match of Football or (rarely) the sport itself.

Frust - v.t. Frustrated. Generally due to academics and lack of female population. Also Frustoo.

Frustoo - v.t. See Frust.

Funda - n. The basic knowledge of anything.

Fundoo - adv. Something having very strong conceptual background; excl. Something great.

Garden Inn - n. The Garden Inn Restaurant. Located approximately 10 kilometres from the institute.

G.C. - abbr., n. General Championship. Either of the Soc-n-cult, Sports, Technology or Hall Affairs.

Ghaasi - n. A student of Agriculture Engineering Department.

G.I. - abbr., n. Short for Garden Inn.

G.I.H. - abbr., n. The Great India Hotel. Located approximately 15 kilometres away, along the IIT Bypass Road.

G.M.A.T. - Short-form of "G Mein Apar Tension". A person who takes lot of load (synonym of Lodu).

God - n. An achiever in any field, academics or otherwise. See also: Stud.

G.Sec. - abbr., n. General Secretary. Of Halls or Gymkhana. In Gymkhana, always a third year student.

Gokhale - n. Gokhale Hall Of Residence. A research scholar hall.

GolB - n. The Gol Bazaar Market.

GolC - n. The circle (Gol Chakkar) just outside the Main Building of the Institute. Also known as Bidhan Chowk.

G.P.L. - adv. Rejection. v.i., n. The act of kicking someone's behind.

Gult - n. Telugu. A Telugu-speaking person. Originated by reading the word 'Telugu' backwards when written in Telugu.

Gyan Ghosh Stadium - n. A stadium situated on Scholar's Avenue that is used for a variety of track and field events.

Gymkhana - n. Technology Students Gymkhana (T.S.G.). The centre of all the extra-curricular students' activities. Organizes various events and competitions for students.

Hall - n. (Halls Of Residence). Word used for hostel in IIT-KGP. The latter is rarely used. The Halls accommodate students who study in IIT-KGP. All Halls have their separate Mess, Canteens, Grocery & Stationery Shops, etc. There are separate halls for B.Tech students, M.Tech students, Business Management students and Research Scholars.

Hall-day - n. The celebration day of any Hall in which there is festive atmosphere and people from all over IIT-KGP are invited to enjoy.

Hall-funda - n. The knowledge of one's Hall specialties and way of life, etc.

Halu - adv. Hallucinated.

Hapa - n. See Happa.

Happa - n. Hall President.

Hardcore - excl. An extreme case of situation or attitude.

Harry's - n. A dhaba/restaurant on the IIT Main Road.

Hathora - n. The Mechanical Engineering Department. Also, the students of it.

Hawa - n. J.E.E. All India Rank.

H.J.B. - abbr., n. See J.C.B.

H.L. - abbr., n. Hall Library

H.O.D. - abbr., n. Head of Department.

H.P. - abbr., n. Hall President

H.T.D.S. - abbr., n. Hindi Technology Dramatics Society.

Huhaa - v.t. Something extremely great in magnitude.

I.G. - abbr., n. Indira Gandhi Hall Of Residence. A senior female students B. Tech. Hall.

I.I.T. - abbr., n. Indian Institute Of Technology. The premiere engineering institutes of India. Seven in number. They include IIT Kharagpur(IIT-KGP), IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati. IIT-KGP is the oldest of all, established in 1952 by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

I.I.T. Foundation(U.S.A.) - n. An Alumni foundation responsible for much development of IIT-KGP including funds for buildings, LAN, etc.

Illu - n. Illumination(on Dipawali). A competition involving all Halls for best illumination and rangoli on Dipawali.

Indu - n. The Industrial Engineering & Management Department. Also, the students of it.

Insti - n. Institute. Used to refer the main building of IIT-KGP.

Insti gate - n. The large gate on the entrance of the academic complex.

Intro - n. Introduction. Generally a brief speech involving one's name, department, city, hobbies,etc.

I.P. - abbr., n. Interaction Period. See O.P.

J.A.M. - abbr., n. The event of Just a Minute, in which you are required to speak for a minute. n. Jamshedpur.

J.C.B. - abbr., n. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Hall Of Residence. A first year male students B. Tech Hall. Shares the same premises and governing body with Homi Jehangir Bhabha (H.J.B.) Hall Of Residence.

J.E.E. - abbr., n. The Joint Entrance Examination conducted unified by all IITs. Candidates are given All India Ranks (A.I.R.) on the basis of their performances and get admissions accordingly.

Juice - n. A boy with feminine facial features.

Junk - n. A regular magazine. It contains news of students and reveals the hidden state of affairs, suggestions for a better life, trivia, etc. The members of the group behind it are called Junky.

Junta - n. The human population. Of IIT-KGP or elsewhere.

K.G.P. - n. The Kharagpur town.

Kam-akal - n. A student of Chemical Engineering Department.

Kela - adv. Failure.

Khoj - n. A treasure hunt competition organized by Azad Hall.

Kholu - n. The top ranked general category student admitted through JEE in any department/specialization.

K.L.P.D. - abbr., adv. Rejection. Especially for the case when success was imminent.

Kol - n. Kolkata.

Lallu - n. See L.L.R.

L.G.B. - abbr., n. Little Green Bastards. A small insect that is attracted towards light. Often found in groups of over hundred, causing extreme irritation to students.

L.L.R. - abbr., n. Lala Lajpat Rai Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall. Commonly used word for it and its residents is lallu.

Load - n. Tension; v.i. To Have Tension.

Lodu - n. A person who takes lot of load. See Load.

L.S. - abbr., n. The Little Sisters Restaurant.

Maraoed - v.t. The act of doing something. viz. we maroed bhaat, maraod mugga, maroed bunk, maroed funda.

Machuara - n. The Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture Department. Also, the students of it.

Maal - n. A beautiful girl.

Maggu - n. Student who mugs.

Makhana - v.t. To spoil a job. To do something insincerely. To play spoil-sport.

Mallu - n. Malayali. A Malayali speaking person.

Maska - n. The 2 year M.Sc. students. n. The Maths & Computing Stream. Also, the students of it.

Matka - n. Any M. Tech. male student.

Matki - n. Any M. Tech. female student.

M.B.M. - abbr., n. Masters Of Business Management. A Hall of Business management students. Associated with V.G.S.O.M.

Menty - n. The Maintenance Secretary of any Hall.

Meta - n. The Metallurgy and Materials Science Department. Also, the students of it.

Midtown - n. The Midtown Restaurant.

M.M.M. - abbr., n. Madan Mohan Malviya Hall Of Residence.

M.S. - abbr., n. Meghnad Saha Hall Of Residence. A Hall accommodating B. Tech. first year male students and M. Tech. students.

M.T. - abbr., n. Mother Teresa Hall Of Residence. A female students M. Tech. Hall.

M.T.R. - n. See Midtown Restaurant.

Mug - v.t., v.i. To rote.

Mutter - n. An online forum on IIT Kharagpur's LAN; v.i. To read or write posts on it.

Nalini Ranjan Sarkar Avenue - n. The part of road that compliments the Scholar's Avenue to make 2.2 kilometre circle.

N.C.C. - abbr., n. National Cadet Core.

Nehli - n. A C.G.P.A. greater than 9.

Nehru - n. Nehru Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech Hall.

Netaji - n. The Netaji Auditotium. Used for conducting major events, performances and screening movies.

N.M.S.T. - abbr., n. Nehru Museum of Science and Technology. Located in Old Building.

Non-males - n. A way of referring to less-beautiful girls in IIT Kharagpur. Usually those through JEE.

N.S.O. - abbr., n. National Sports Organization.

N.S.S. - abbr., n. National Service Scheme.

Old Campus - n. See PAN Loop.

O.P. - abbr., n. Orientation Period. More commonly used word for ragging in IIT-KGP. It includes mentally harassing junior students and testing their Hall-funda. A commonly used synonym is I.P. (Interaction Period).

Orientation - n. See O.P.

Pact - n. The agreement between Halls to support candidates from other's Hall for a similar support in return.

Pakau - v.t. Boring.

PAN Loop - n. The set of Halls: Patel, Azad and Nehru. The area bounded by them. These were the first to be constructed hence known as Old Campus.

Pain - v.t., v.i. Difficult to do.

Panji - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 5 and 6.

Patel - n. Patel Hall Of Residence and its residents. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

P.D. - abbr., n. The Punjabi Dhaba. Located in Gol Bazaar.

Peace - excl., n., v.i., To be tension-free. A tension-free state.

P.P.O. - abbr., n. Pre-Placement Offer. Job offers given by companies before the placement officially begins.

P.P.T. - abbr., n. Pre-Placement Talks. Talks held by companies when they come for selecting students via the placement process.

PremB - n. Prem Bazaar.

Prem Gali - n. The road joining Chemical Engineering and Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture Department.

Presi - n. President of the Gymkhana.

Prof - n. Professor.

P.S.I. - abbr., n. Pehchanane Se Inkaar (Refusing recognition). To ignore someone or to forget deliberately.

P. Team - n. The publicity team formed during Spring Fest 

Q3 - n. The Quake3 game.

Ragging - v.t., v.i. To harass junior students of one's institute. Use obsolete in IIT-KGP. More commonly used word is Orientation.

Raman - n. The Raman Auditorium.

Rassa - n. A male research scholar.

Rassi - n. A female research scholar.

R.D.C. - abbr., n. Rural Development Centre. The central office of N.S.S.

Rep - suf., n. Representative.

Reskee - n. Research Scholars.

RGSOIPL - abbr., n. Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law. A Law School in IIT Kharagpur.
R.K. - abbr., n. Radhakrishnan Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

Room-baap - n. The student(male) who occupied someone's room in the previous year.

Room-maa - n. The student(female) who occupied someone's room in the previous year.

R.P. - abbr., n. Rajendra Prasad Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

S.A.M. - abbr., n. Sir Ashutosh Mukerjee Hall Of Residence. A hall for management students studying in V.G.S.O.M. Shares same premises with Gokhale Hall.

Satti - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 7 and 8.

Schol - n. Scholarship, usually during Apping.

Scholar's Avenue - n. The road leading from the IIT Main Gate about which most of the Halls are situated. n. The Official Students' Newspaper.
S-Com - n. The Steering Committee of Spring Fest.

Secy - n. Secretary. Usu. of Gymkhana or Halls.

Sem - n. Semester.

Senti - n., v.i. Sentiments. Sentimental.

S.F. - abbr., n. Spring Fest. An annual festival in IIT-KGP when there are plenty of competitions, events and performances by well known artists. Proclaimed as eastern India's biggest festival.

S.G.P.A. - abbr., n. Semester Grade Point Average. An index of a students performance in academics which reflects his performance in a particular semester.

Shareaza - n. A now defunct file sharing program.

S.M.S.T. - abbr., n. School of Medical Sciences and Technology.

S.N. - abbr., n. Sarojini Naidu Hall Of Residence. A female students B. Tech. Hall. Residents are called SNites.

Soc-n-cult - n. Social and Cultural Activities.

S.Q. - abbr., n. Summer Quater. A special course organized by IIT-KGP for students who fail to clear subjects in previous semesters, so that they need not repeat next year.

S.R.I.C. - abbr., n. Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy

S.T.E.P. - abbr., n. Science and Technology Entrepreneur's Park.

- n. Any student who is good in academics as well as other fields like sports, etc.

Takshashila - n. A complex that houses C.I.C.

- n. Tamil. A Tamil-speaking person.

Tapna - v.t., v.i. Copying assignments or examination answer-scripts from any person.

T.D.S. - abbr., n. Technology Dance Society.

Tech - pre., adj. Technology. An adjective used frequently with anything associated with IIT-KGP.

Tech-mart - n. Technology Market. A market inside IIT-KGP premises.

Tempo - n. Enthusiasm and vigour.

Tempo shout - v.i. To shout in a singing manner "KGP Ka Tempo High Hai". Of KGP or of some similar affiliations like Hall; n. The shout "KGP Ka Tempo High Hai".

T.F.S. - abbr., n. Technology Film Society.

T.H.O.K. - abbr., n. Thick Heads Of KGP. A student of Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department.

Tinku - n. An Egg-Poach-Burger. A specialty of Chhedis.

T.O.A.T. - abbr., n. Tagore Open Air Theatre.

Tumpa - abbr., n. Typically Uncivilized Midnaporean People's Association, or Tribal Uncivilized Midnaporean People's Association. People who belong to Midnapur district.

T.S.G. - abbr., n. See Gymkhana.

Tut. - n. Tutorials.

T&P - abbr., n. The Training and Placement section.

Uddu - n. An Oriya-speaking person.

Vegies - n. The Vegies Restaurant. Located on the Scholar's Avenue.

V.G.S. - abbr., n. Vishveshwaraiyya Guest House.

V.G.S.O.M. - abbr., n. Vinod Gupta School Of Management.

Vikramshila - n. One of the recently built academic complex to take over/compliment the role of Main Building.

Volu - n. Volunteer.

Vortex - n. A dance competition between different Halls organized by L.L.R. Hall.

V.P. - abbr., n. Vice President of Gymkhana. A fourth year student.

V.S. - abbr., n. Vidyasagar Hall Of Residence. An M. Tech. Hall.

V.S.R.C. - abbr., n. Vikram Sarabhai Residential Complex. A residential complex for regular M.S. and Ph.D student as well as Assigned Project Scientists. Under S.R.I.C.

W.T.M.S. - abbr., n. Western Technology Music Society.

Z.H. - abbr., n, Zakir Hussain Hall Of Residence. A research scholar Hall.

abbr. - Abbreviation
adj. - Adjective
adv. - Adverb
excl. - Exclamation
n. - Noun
pre. - Prefix
suf. - Suffix
usu. - Usually
v.i. - Verb(intransitive)
v.t. - Verb(transitive)

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External Links

Another website that gives a listing of words used by IITKGP students is supported by IIT Foundation and hoisted here. The content mentioned is vulgar as well as vague (very few explanations included), and can best be described as a word-list. I purposely chose to ignore many words from this owing to their vulgarity as well as obsoleteness in today's language.

A well-compiled link of slangs in IIT Bombay can be found on IITBHF and IITBAA's site. An MA thesis on IIT Madras slangs is also reported. Indiatimes also has a compilation of IIT slangs.

Tell me if you have any more links to similar websites and I will include them in this list.