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IIT Kharagpur Dictionary

Last updated: 13th September, 2013

11 - n. Ha-Ha (a laugh). Adopted from its shortcut in Age of Empires.

2.2 - n. A 2.2 Kilometres round in central part of IIT-KGP campus. Usu. A run of it.

6dis - n. See Chhedis

Acads - n. Academics.

A.I.R. - abbr., n. All India Rank. See Hawa.

Alankar - n. The annual cultural magazine of Gymkhana, hence of the institute.

A.O.E. - n. The Age of Empire game.

App - v.i. To apply to universities (usually abroad).

Apping - v.i. See App.

Arbit - adj. Arbitrary.

Archi - n. The Architecture Department. Also, the students of it.

Asim's - n. The Nehru Hall canteen.

A. Team -  n. The Action team formed during SF.

Atthi - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 8 and 9.

Aunties - n. A grocery store located just outside IIT campus. Named after the lady running the store.

Azad - n. Azad Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

Baapi - n. An intellectual belonging to the BTDS.

Baddy - n. The sport of Badminton; adj. Related to the sport.

Banda - n. Any boy.

Bandi - n. Any girl.

Bangy - n. Bangalore.

Baski - n. The sport of Basketball; adj. Related to the sport.

Batti - n. The Electrical Engineering Department. Also, the students of it.

B.C. Roy - n. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Former Chief Minister of West Bengal. Many establishments in IIT-KGP including a hospital, a Hall and the central square are named after him.

Bhaat - n. Bekar Chat. A useless talk in a group whose sole purpose is to pass time. Also a regular magazine drafted by first year students trying to copy Junk.

Bhaatu - n. A person who is very talkative. See Bhaat.

Bhajan - n. A euphemism for sexually explicit media files on the LAN.

Bhatnagar - n. The Bhatnagar Auditorium.

Bidhan Chowk - n. See GolC.

Bong - n. Bengali. A Bengali-speaking person.

B.T.D.S. - abbr., n. Bengali Technology Dramatics Society.

Boudis - n.  A restaurant in Prem Bazaar.

Cali - n. Calibre.

Candi - n. Candidate (For elections).

Carlos - n. The R.P. Hall canteen.

C.D. - n. Short-form of Cold Drink. Used for any cold beverage.

C.G. - n. Short-form of C.G.P.A.

C.G.P.A. - abbr., n. Cumulative Grade Point Average. An index of a students performance in academics which reflects performance throughout the studies in IIT-KGP.

Chhagi - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 6 and 7.

Chhedis - n. A dhaba just outside campus.

C.I.C. - abbr., n. The Computers and Informatics Centre. It is situated in Takshashila.

C.L. - abbr., n. Central Library.

C.S. - abbr., n. The Computer Science Department. abbr., n. Counter Strike (First-person shooter game).

Convo - n. Convocation.

D.A.S.A. - abbr., n. Direct Admission of Students Abroad. A special route for N.R.I. sponsored candidates to enter the IITs. Involves less competition than J.E.E. Such students in IITs called DASAites. Use deprecated after the program was scrapped.

Dassi - n. See Dehli.

D.C. - abbr., n. Disciplinary Charge. Due to inappropriate conduct of student. The Committee hence formed (Disciplinary Committee). n. The file sharing software "DC++".

DC++ - n. The Direct Connect network used extensively throughout the campus for file-sharing through LAN.

Dehli - n. A C.G.P.A. of 10.

Dep - n. Department.

DepC - v.t., v.i. To have a Department change under the provisions specified by IIT-KGP. Requires excellent academic performance in first year B. Tech. course.

Despo - n. Desperate.

Dhakkan - n. The person with numerically largest JEE rank being admitted in said department/specialization.

Diro - n. Director of IIT-KGP.

Disco - n. Short for Disciplinary Committee.

D.L. - abbr., n. Dreamland Restaurant.

D.O.A.A. - abbr., n. Dean Of Academic Affairs. Responsible for academics of students. He is the main responsible person in any Research and Development work taken up by the institute.

D.O.S.A. - abbr., n. Dean Of Student Affairs. Responsible for maintaining discipline in students.

D.P. - abbr., n. Durga Puja. The vacation in its duration.

Dude - n. Dual Degree Students.

D.V.C. - abbr., n. Damodar Valley Corporation. The D.V.C. Market.

Eggies - n. The shop adjacent to Vegies Restaurant that serves eggs during night-time.

E.T.D.S. - abbr., n. English Technology Dramatics Society.

E.T.M.S. - abbr., n. Eastern Technology Music Society.

FacAd - n. Faculty Advisor.

Facca - n. An F-grade in any subject, meaning fail.

Faccha - n. A first year male student. Usu. a B. Tech. student.

Facchi - n. A first year female student. Usu. a B. Tech. student.

Fatka - n. Loss.

Fattu - n. Meek. Coward.

Fight - n., v.t., v.i. Difficulty in achieving something.

Footer - n. A match of Football or (rarely) the sport itself.

Frust - v.t. Frustrated. Generally due to academics and lack of female population. Also Frustoo.

Frustoo - v.t. See Frust.

Funda - n. The basic knowledge of anything.

Fundoo - adv. Something having very strong conceptual background; excl. Something great.

Garden Inn - n. The Garden Inn Restaurant. Located approximately 10 kilometres from the institute.

G.C. - abbr., n. General Championship. Either of the Soc-n-cult, Sports, Technology or Hall Affairs.

Ghaasi - n. A student of Agriculture Engineering Department.

G.I. - abbr., n. Short for Garden Inn.

G.I.H. - abbr., n. The Great India Hotel. Located approximately 15 kilometres away, along the IIT Bypass Road.

G.M.A.T. - Short-form of "G Mein Apar Tension". A person who takes lot of load (synonym of Lodu).

God - n. An achiever in any field, academics or otherwise. See also: Stud.

G.Sec. - abbr., n. General Secretary. Of Halls or Gymkhana. In Gymkhana, always a third year student.

Gokhale - n. Gokhale Hall Of Residence. A research scholar hall.

GolB - n. The Gol Bazaar Market.

GolC - n. The circle (Gol Chakkar) just outside the Main Building of the Institute. Also known as Bidhan Chowk.

G.P.L. - adv. Rejection. v.i., n. The act of kicking someone's behind.

Gult - n. Telugu. A Telugu-speaking person. Originated by reading the word 'Telugu' backwards when written in Telugu.

Gyan Ghosh Stadium - n. A stadium situated on Scholar's Avenue that is used for a variety of track and field events.

Gymkhana - n. Technology Students Gymkhana (T.S.G.). The centre of all the extra-curricular students' activities. Organizes various events and competitions for students.

Hall - n. (Halls Of Residence). Word used for hostel in IIT-KGP. The latter is rarely used. The Halls accommodate students who study in IIT-KGP. All Halls have their separate Mess, Canteens, Grocery & Stationery Shops, etc. There are separate halls for B.Tech students, M.Tech students, Business Management students and Research Scholars.

Hall-day - n. The celebration day of any Hall in which there is festive atmosphere and people from all over IIT-KGP are invited to enjoy.

Hall-funda - n. The knowledge of one's Hall specialties and way of life, etc.

Halu - adv. Hallucinated.

Hapa - n. See Happa.

Happa - n. Hall President.

Hardcore - excl. An extreme case of situation or attitude.

Harry's - n. A dhaba/restaurant on the IIT Main Road.

Hathora - n. The Mechanical Engineering Department. Also, the students of it.

Hawa - n. J.E.E. All India Rank.

H.J.B. - abbr., n. See J.C.B.

H.L. - abbr., n. Hall Library

H.O.D. - abbr., n. Head of Department.

H.P. - abbr., n. Hall President

H.T.D.S. - abbr., n. Hindi Technology Dramatics Society.

Huhaa - v.t. Something extremely great in magnitude.

I.G. - abbr., n. Indira Gandhi Hall Of Residence. A senior female students B. Tech. Hall.

I.I.T. - abbr., n. Indian Institute Of Technology. The premiere engineering institutes of India. Seven in number. They include IIT Kharagpur(IIT-KGP), IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee and IIT Guwahati. IIT-KGP is the oldest of all, established in 1952 by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

I.I.T. Foundation(U.S.A.) - n. An Alumni foundation responsible for much development of IIT-KGP including funds for buildings, LAN, etc.

Illu - n. Illumination(on Dipawali). A competition involving all Halls for best illumination and rangoli on Dipawali.

Indu - n. The Industrial Engineering & Management Department. Also, the students of it.

Insti - n. Institute. Used to refer the main building of IIT-KGP.

Insti gate - n. The large gate on the entrance of the academic complex.

Intro - n. Introduction. Generally a brief speech involving one's name, department, city, hobbies,etc.

I.P. - abbr., n. Interaction Period. See O.P.

J.A.M. - abbr., n. The event of Just a Minute, in which you are required to speak for a minute. n. Jamshedpur.

J.C.B. - abbr., n. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Hall Of Residence. A first year male students B. Tech Hall. Shares the same premises and governing body with Homi Jehangir Bhabha (H.J.B.) Hall Of Residence.

J.E.E. - abbr., n. The Joint Entrance Examination conducted unified by all IITs. Candidates are given All India Ranks (A.I.R.) on the basis of their performances and get admissions accordingly.

Juice - n. A boy with feminine facial features.

Junk - n. A regular magazine. It contains news of students and reveals the hidden state of affairs, suggestions for a better life, trivia, etc. The members of the group behind it are called Junky.

Junta - n. The human population. Of IIT-KGP or elsewhere.

K.G.P. - n. The Kharagpur town.

Kam-akal - n. A student of Chemical Engineering Department.

Kela - adv. Failure.

Khoj - n. A treasure hunt competition organized by Azad Hall.

Kholu - n. The top ranked general category student admitted through JEE in any department/specialization.

K.L.P.D. - abbr., adv. Rejection. Especially for the case when success was imminent.

Kol - n. Kolkata.

Lallu - n. See L.L.R.

L.G.B. - abbr., n. Little Green Bastards. A small insect that is attracted towards light. Often found in groups of over hundred, causing extreme irritation to students.

L.L.R. - abbr., n. Lala Lajpat Rai Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall. Commonly used word for it and its residents is lallu.

Load - n. Tension; v.i. To Have Tension.

Lodu - n. A person who takes lot of load. See Load.

L.S. - abbr., n. The Little Sisters Restaurant.

Maraoed - v.t. The act of doing something. viz. we maroed bhaat, maraod mugga, maroed bunk, maroed funda.

Machuara - n. The Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture Department. Also, the students of it.

Maal - n. A beautiful girl.

Maggu - n. Student who mugs.

Makhana - v.t. To spoil a job. To do something insincerely. To play spoil-sport.

Mallu - n. Malayali. A Malayali speaking person.

Maska - n. The 2 year M.Sc. students. n. The Maths & Computing Stream. Also, the students of it.

Matka - n. Any M. Tech. male student.

Matki - n. Any M. Tech. female student.

M.B.M. - abbr., n. Masters Of Business Management. A Hall of Business management students. Associated with V.G.S.O.M.

Menty - n. The Maintenance Secretary of any Hall.

Meta - n. The Metallurgy and Materials Science Department. Also, the students of it.

Midtown - n. The Midtown Restaurant.

M.M.M. - abbr., n. Madan Mohan Malviya Hall Of Residence.

M.S. - abbr., n. Meghnad Saha Hall Of Residence. A Hall accommodating B. Tech. first year male students and M. Tech. students.

M.T. - abbr., n. Mother Teresa Hall Of Residence. A female students M. Tech. Hall.

M.T.R. - n. See Midtown Restaurant.

Mug - v.t., v.i. To rote.

Mutter - n. An online forum on IIT Kharagpur's LAN; v.i. To read or write posts on it.

Nalini Ranjan Sarkar Avenue - n. The part of road that compliments the Scholar's Avenue to make 2.2 kilometre circle.

N.C.C. - abbr., n. National Cadet Core.

Nehli - n. A C.G.P.A. greater than 9.

Nehru - n. Nehru Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech Hall.

Netaji - n. The Netaji Auditotium. Used for conducting major events, performances and screening movies.

N.M.S.T. - abbr., n. Nehru Museum of Science and Technology. Located in Old Building.

Non-males - n. A way of referring to less-beautiful girls in IIT Kharagpur. Usually those through JEE.

N.S.O. - abbr., n. National Sports Organization.

N.S.S. - abbr., n. National Service Scheme.

Old Campus - n. See PAN Loop.

O.P. - abbr., n. Orientation Period. More commonly used word for ragging in IIT-KGP. It includes mentally harassing junior students and testing their Hall-funda. A commonly used synonym is I.P. (Interaction Period).

Orientation - n. See O.P.

Pact - n. The agreement between Halls to support candidates from other's Hall for a similar support in return.

Pakau - v.t. Boring.

PAN Loop - n. The set of Halls: Patel, Azad and Nehru. The area bounded by them. These were the first to be constructed hence known as Old Campus.

Pain - v.t., v.i. Difficult to do.

Panji - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 5 and 6.

Patel - n. Patel Hall Of Residence and its residents. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

P.D. - abbr., n. The Punjabi Dhaba. Located in Gol Bazaar.

Peace - excl., n., v.i., To be tension-free. A tension-free state.

P.P.O. - abbr., n. Pre-Placement Offer. Job offers given by companies before the placement officially begins.

P.P.T. - abbr., n. Pre-Placement Talks. Talks held by companies when they come for selecting students via the placement process.

PremB - n. Prem Bazaar.

Prem Gali - n. The road joining Chemical Engineering and Ocean Engineering & Naval Architecture Department.

Presi - n. President of the Gymkhana.

Prof - n. Professor.

P.S.I. - abbr., n. Pehchanane Se Inkaar (Refusing recognition). To ignore someone or to forget deliberately.

P. Team - n. The publicity team formed during Spring Fest 

Q3 - n. The Quake3 game.

Ragging - v.t., v.i. To harass junior students of one's institute. Use obsolete in IIT-KGP. More commonly used word is Orientation.

Raman - n. The Raman Auditorium.

Rassa - n. A male research scholar.

Rassi - n. A female research scholar.

R.D.C. - abbr., n. Rural Development Centre. The central office of N.S.S.

Rep - suf., n. Representative.

Reskee - n. Research Scholars.

RGSOIPL - abbr., n. Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law. A Law School in IIT Kharagpur.
R.K. - abbr., n. Radhakrishnan Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

Room-baap - n. The student(male) who occupied someone's room in the previous year.

Room-maa - n. The student(female) who occupied someone's room in the previous year.

R.P. - abbr., n. Rajendra Prasad Hall Of Residence. A senior male students B. Tech. Hall.

S.A.M. - abbr., n. Sir Ashutosh Mukerjee Hall Of Residence. A hall for management students studying in V.G.S.O.M. Shares same premises with Gokhale Hall.

Satti - n. A C.G.P.A. in between 7 and 8.

Schol - n. Scholarship, usually during Apping.

Scholar's Avenue - n. The road leading from the IIT Main Gate about which most of the Halls are situated. n. The Official Students' Newspaper.
S-Com - n. The Steering Committee of Spring Fest.

Secy - n. Secretary. Usu. of Gymkhana or Halls.

Sem - n. Semester.

Senti - n., v.i. Sentiments. Sentimental.

S.F. - abbr., n. Spring Fest. An annual festival in IIT-KGP when there are plenty of competitions, events and performances by well known artists. Proclaimed as eastern India's biggest festival.

S.G.P.A. - abbr., n. Semester Grade Point Average. An index of a students performance in academics which reflects his performance in a particular semester.

Shareaza - n. A now defunct file sharing program.

S.M.S.T. - abbr., n. School of Medical Sciences and Technology.

S.N. - abbr., n. Sarojini Naidu Hall Of Residence. A female students B. Tech. Hall. Residents are called SNites.

Soc-n-cult - n. Social and Cultural Activities.

S.Q. - abbr., n. Summer Quater. A special course organized by IIT-KGP for students who fail to clear subjects in previous semesters, so that they need not repeat next year.

S.R.I.C. - abbr., n. Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy

S.T.E.P. - abbr., n. Science and Technology Entrepreneur's Park.

- n. Any student who is good in academics as well as other fields like sports, etc.

Takshashila - n. A complex that houses C.I.C.

- n. Tamil. A Tamil-speaking person.

Tapna - v.t., v.i. Copying assignments or examination answer-scripts from any person.

T.D.S. - abbr., n. Technology Dance Society.

Tech - pre., adj. Technology. An adjective used frequently with anything associated with IIT-KGP.

Tech-mart - n. Technology Market. A market inside IIT-KGP premises.

Tempo - n. Enthusiasm and vigour.

Tempo shout - v.i. To shout in a singing manner "KGP Ka Tempo High Hai". Of KGP or of some similar affiliations like Hall; n. The shout "KGP Ka Tempo High Hai".

T.F.S. - abbr., n. Technology Film Society.

T.H.O.K. - abbr., n. Thick Heads Of KGP. A student of Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering Department.

Tinku - n. An Egg-Poach-Burger. A specialty of Chhedis.

T.O.A.T. - abbr., n. Tagore Open Air Theatre.

Tumpa - abbr., n. Typically Uncivilized Midnaporean People's Association, or Tribal Uncivilized Midnaporean People's Association. People who belong to Midnapur district.

T.S.G. - abbr., n. See Gymkhana.

Tut. - n. Tutorials.

T&P - abbr., n. The Training and Placement section.

Uddu - n. An Oriya-speaking person.

Vegies - n. The Vegies Restaurant. Located on the Scholar's Avenue.

V.G.S. - abbr., n. Vishveshwaraiyya Guest House.

V.G.S.O.M. - abbr., n. Vinod Gupta School Of Management.

Vikramshila - n. One of the recently built academic complex to take over/compliment the role of Main Building.

Volu - n. Volunteer.

Vortex - n. A dance competition between different Halls organized by L.L.R. Hall.

V.P. - abbr., n. Vice President of Gymkhana. A fourth year student.

V.S. - abbr., n. Vidyasagar Hall Of Residence. An M. Tech. Hall.

V.S.R.C. - abbr., n. Vikram Sarabhai Residential Complex. A residential complex for regular M.S. and Ph.D student as well as Assigned Project Scientists. Under S.R.I.C.

W.T.M.S. - abbr., n. Western Technology Music Society.

Z.H. - abbr., n, Zakir Hussain Hall Of Residence. A research scholar Hall.

abbr. - Abbreviation
adj. - Adjective
adv. - Adverb
excl. - Exclamation
n. - Noun
pre. - Prefix
suf. - Suffix
usu. - Usually
v.i. - Verb(intransitive)
v.t. - Verb(transitive)